Balmain Hair Extensions

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Length and Volume


Hair Additions For sale

Clip in Weft Set

Change your hairstyle from pith less to blasting volume with the essential fashion accessory: the Clip-In Weft Set!   Featuring the patented Soft Blended Edge, the Clip-In will glorify your hair in just 5 minutes.  The Clip-In Weft  contains 5 strips which can be clipped in easily for adding the right amount of hair that gives your hair the perfect natural voluminous look.  Cost $182.00 We install  total cost $220.00

Hair Dress

Just a little transparent strand that holds the Hair dress perfectly in place.  Because the Fill-In Strand is placed between the top and base part of the hair, there is no chance of the Hair Dress slide or slip out of the hair.  Perfect solution for the most sensitive clients.  No risk of damage, since the Hair Dress rest on your head and not on your hair. Available in 100% Human Hair and Memory Hair.   Cost $140.00   

we install for $160.00

Human Hair and Memory®Hair

• 5 different width strips 

• Invisible integration due to the Soft Blend Edge 

• Very suitable for daily use without damaging the natural hair